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Affiliated Partners


Key members of our Breathe Organics team from Breathe Solutions GmbH:


Johannes Schmid, CEO

Johannes Schmid is a German national based in Munich and the founder of Breathe Solutions GmbH, a leading European CBD company, with operations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK and Italy. Johannes has been responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the company and its flagship products, under the Breathe Organics brand.

He is a serial entrepreneur and started two previous companies which he sold before establishing Breathe Solutions two years ago with his partner Monica Wimmer. Breathe Solutions has forged a strong and profitable relationship with AG Health and has contracted to purchase all its raw CBD products (isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum, etc.) from AG Health. Johannes is a graduate of Florida International University of Miami.

Monica Wimmer, CMO

Monica Wimmer is the chief marketing officer for the company and is responsible for all marketing and communications at Breathe Organics. She has worked alongside Johannes for 5 years building companies and is an expert in creating, building and promoting strong brands.

Monica is a graduate of Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences with a Master of Science in Business Psychology She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat München.

Key member of the Ultimaxx Health Team:


Leonard “Lenny” Lomax, M.D. (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Leonard 'Lenny' Lomax is the Founder & CEO of Ultimaxx Health, an early stage “Natural” pharmaceutical company founded in 2009, developing innovative consumer healthcare products that will help improve their general health and well-being.

Dr. Lomax is a Physician & Orthopaedic Surgeon. As a physician, he became tired of watching patients suffer as a result of the adverse side effects of many pharmaceutical products; side effects often so severe in some cases they not only led to addiction but in many, death. This didn't settle well with his core beliefs. His passion for solving this problem, specifically prescription “painkiller” addiction, prompted him to develop his first safe and effective, “natural”, non-narcotic OTC pain remedy, LEVARE® (pronounced: la-var-ay), for which he received a prestigious patent in 2012. Patients and consumers can now have a much-needed alternative to prescription narcotics; one that is non-habit forming, versus those comprised of synthetic compounds that may cause addiction and other harmful adverse side effects.

Dr. Lomax defines his role as a physician as being someone trusted by patients and their families.  ‘Doctors are expected to heal, not cause more pain and suffering’.  Dr. Lomax acknowledges that natural medications have the potential to greatly improve the public's general health and well-being, as our country has become a nation addicted to pills, which is destroying our communities.

Dr. Lomax obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University, received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency training at the top-ranked Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Ultimaxx Health is currently focused on developing patented, clinically tested, “natural” non-narcotic OTC pain relief alternatives, metabolic mood enhancement supplements like “Advyndra™”, and human performance optimization products.  Through Ultimaxx Health and with products like LEVARE, Dr. Lomax and his team will continue to focus on positively impacting the lives of many and on “Changing the World Naturally™” One Life at a Time.

Key Members of the Life Patent Inc.
and Wyatt LLC Team:


Keith Butler, Founder, President and Chief Innovation Officer

In 1979, Keith Butler was first introduced to the ‘legalize Hemp/Cannabis movement’ by Steve D’Angelo and became what he and his collaborators would later describe as “servants and stewards of the plant.”

It is this special relationship with the cannabis plant which allows Keith access to the world’s most secret and coveted genetics, techniques and industry talents. Keith’s relationship with the ‘legalize’ movement culminated in January 2019 with the Victory for Hemp celebration where Keith was recognized, along with his collaborators, as the people who actually changed the world by legalizing hemp.

Keith is a board Member of Pink House Charities promoting and providing a higher level of wellness to our veterans working with retired and active duty military in need and teaches cannabinoid sciences whenever he has the opportunity to share his knowledge and passion for the plant.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2017, Keith Butler and Life Patent’s Chief Scientific Officer Jim Kane discovered “Nature’s Delivery SystemTM”, a novel patent pending biodelivery system for lipophilic molecules that improves bioavailability of compounds in mammals. This delivery system will power the world with more effective cannabinoids and other fat-loving nutrients found in food, vitamins, supplements and pharmaceuticals.

Jim Kane, Chief Scientific Officer

Jim Kane received his PhD from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1969. He brings over 50 years of clinical expertise to Life Patent, with special knowledge in the fields of microbial biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. In particular, Jim’s expertise in the use of cell cultures for drug discovery has motivated his involvement with the Cannabis industry, and his desire to unlock the curative powers of hemp CBD as a therapeutic and preventive remedy. Currently residing in Pennsylvania, Jim spent over two decades working within the halls of some of the world’s largest agrichemical and pharmaceutical companies, such as Monsanto and GlaxoSmithKline, developing new agricultural products and drug entities.

Prior to this, Jim spent 11 years as a professor of microbiology at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Health Sciences. During this time, he gained an appreciation for the role that natural products play in our overall well-being.  Jim is a driving force behind the science of cannabinoids, working to elevate industry standards for cannabinoid design, formulation and manufacturing. Dr. Kane will continue to lead Life Patent and its partners into the future with the most scientifically advanced products and procedures in the industry, and is currently completing the world’s only solid-dose cannabinoid pill. This technology utilizes LP’s own Patent-Pending technology which increases the blood level uptake of cannabinoids by magnitudes over today’s current technology.

Zach Jones, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Life Patent
Founder & Director of Wyatt, LLC

Zach Jones is a pioneer in the hemp industry with extensive knowledge of cannabinoids and hemp-based CBD.  He studied General and Chemical Engineering at both Colorado Mountain College (Steamboat Springs) and the University of Arkansas, and during that time performed internships with FedEx Logistics and BNSF Industrial Engineering.  In 2014, Zach joined a CBD startup called Whole Hemp (now Folium Biosciences) based in Colorado Springs, CO where he served as the Director of Technical Operations.  This position included oversight of CBD production and development, analytical testing, and forensic chemistry.

Mr. Jones left Folium in late 2017 to form his own consultancy firm, Wyatt LLC, through which he provides consulting services to companies operating in the CBD and Cannabis industry on topics such as hemp and CBD farming, product applications, seed genetics, analytical testing, government agency and regulatory issues, and the international CBD industry.

Zach has joined forces with the Life Patent team to bring a new level of product and regulatory compliance along with full accountability in the industry. With one of the most extensive firsthand experience sets of scaling hemp-based productions and extractions, Zach is uniquely qualified to guide Life Patent into the future of hemp production, distribution and delivery on a global scale. Through his company Wyatt and other holdings, Zach has acquired 33 hemp farms across the country, producing 20,000 lbs. of biomass per month.

Annie Rouse, Chief Knowledge Officer

Annie Rouse has been at the forefront of the hemp industry for the past 10 years, earning a US Fulbright Scholarship to study hemp in Canada, and recently publishing her podcast series, Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy. Through this channel, an interview-narration style podcast, Annie highlights Big Pharma's role in cannabis prohibition as analyzed from ten years of archival research. Annie is co-founder of, the trusted online CBD retailer, and Nature’s Hemp Oil, one of the first US Hemp Authority Certified hemp brands in the United States.

Annie also serves as Founder and President of the Kentucky-based non-profit, Friends of Hemp, that’s overarching initiative is to approve hemp as an animal feed under its Hemp Feed Coalition Program. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and is a published author in Hemp Magazine and Hemp Business Journal. She received her BS in Economics from the University of Kentucky, and holds a Masters in International Environmental Policy and an MBA.

Kevin Reeves, Health and Wellness Officer

Kevin Reeve’s serves as a living example of strength and power fueled by Hemp. Born in Tennessee, but raised in Compton, California, Kevin has pursued a lifelong and passionate career in personal nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, and fitness, and is a new addition to the Life Patent team. As a Hemp advocate, Kevin has integrated cannabis products into his daily nutritional and exercise regimen, serving as powerful testament to his lifelong commitment to health and wellness.

Having spent over 25 years as a personal trainer and bodyguard, Kevin has also achieved distinguished standing as a competitive body builder, competing in professional arenas from 1997-2011. His numerous awards include, among many others, the winning title at the WBFF World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship in Toronto, Canada (2010), Mr. California (2007), First Place in the NPC Excalibur (2009), 10th place in Mr. USA (2005), and numerous appearances in leading muscle magazines.


Juan Romero, CEO & Founder of Carmen’s Medicinal

Juan is a Managing Partner of Affinity Holdings, a company founded in 2009 that operates multiple dispensaries in Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada and holds a Licensed Producer Permit in Canada.  The company has in total, 250,000 ft2 of indoor facilities for growing cannabis in 7 different properties in the United States. It was also the first company  to develop a soda infused cannabis drink, which was later acquired by Native Roots.  Juan founded Isonux LLC and Carmen’s Medicinals where he has dedicated himself to promoting the advocacy and accessibility of medicinal cannabis through research collaboration with multidisciplinary institutions worldwide, in addition to developing a wide variety of industrial products and processes related to the medicinal properties of cannabis.  He has been actively engaged in research, education and sustainability of the cannabis industry in both the USA and in Colombia. 

His Carmen’s Medicinal CBD products and his research on cannabinoid drug development with an emphasis on cancer patients are going through FDA trials with Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami and Moffitt Hospital in Tampa.  Juan is also the co-founder of Canbio SAS, a licensed Colombian cannabis company that was acquired by Canexia in 2019.  Juan holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree in Global Trade Supply Chain Management from Broward College in Florida and is an ambassador with Sister Cities International in which he has worked with heads of states with a focus on the LATAM region for economic, cultural and educational development. 

Joseph W. Hickey, Sr. Director, Atalo Holdings, Inc. Member,
Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation

Joe Hickey is one of the nation’s leading proponents for Hemp research, cultivation and processing. He started the grassroots effort in Kentucky and become a leader in the national movement to allow U.S. farmer to grow industrial hemp. He worked closely with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to secure an MOU approval to grow the first permitted hemp crop in Kentucky.

He is presently member of the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation and a Founder & Director of Atalo Holdings, Inc., Kentucky’s first hemp research operator involved in seed breeding, crop products, processing and food product development. Joe is also developing his own brand of CBD products under the label, “Kentucky Commonwealth” and is working closely with AG Health.

Joe also has other business interests is waste water technologies and innovative processing techniques in the paper and pulp industry. Joe has been a long-time supporter, partner and friend of Woody Harrelson and their environmental initiatives through, advocating personal responsibility for creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

We believe that with our partners named above and their diverse expertise in plant-based products and bio-science manufacturing, combined with our own management team’s history of investing and building businesses that require creative solutions, that we will have the ability to grow and scale Avant-Garde Holdings Americas, Inc. globally, by strategic acquisitions and organic growth, to create shareholder value for our families, employees and investors.

Furthermore, our management team is well positioned to identify high-growth acquisition opportunities in the marketplace and that our network within the cannabis industry is uniquely deep. The relationships our management team has established within the industry covers the major geographies where cannabis has been legalized, including Florida, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona and other emerging legal-cannabis states and countries around the world.

Our strategy is to build our hemp-based products and brands to meet the needs of our retailers, patients and consumers, here in the U.S. and selectively in international markets. We will invest in businesses that are ancillary to the production, distribution and sale of our proprietary ECN-formulations, whether as tinctures, sprays, vapes, soft-gel capsules, tablets, lotions or creams or specialty-created edibles.