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Corporate Overview

Avant-Garde Health is focused on strategically developing, testing, and marketing safe, medicinal, hemp-based products. Hemp, the cannabis plant rich in endocannabinoids with low levels of THC, is the focal point of AG Health’s corporate mission to reintroduce this natural equalizer and optimizer back into the food chain. We have chosen a unique approach to grow, extract, and manufacture our product.

Using existing farms to grow industrial hemp and a patented extraction process to extract the various components of the plant, AG Health is a leader of the industrial hemp movement. We’ve elevated our product development and manufacturing methods using biopharma processes and compounding standards with highest quality controls. In addition, we’ve introduced biotechnology to ensure maximum bioavailability, reduce the need for higher amounts of active ingredients, and make the product more accessible to those in need.

Finally, by strategically targeting market segments with the correct brands and messaging, we rapidly increase AG Health products’ speed to market and put the proper brand and product in the hands of the appropriate consumer.