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Former professional hockey player discusses

February 4, 2019 /

Former professional hockey player discusses hemp-related health at US Cannabis Conference

MIAMI — Retired professional hockey player, Marvin Degon IV, a Naples, Florida resident, participated in a panel discussion at the U.S. Cannabis Conference and Expo (USCC) on Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami.​

Degon, who now serves as Director of Athletics for VEDA Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN), examined his life, athletic career, and the role of cannabis along the way with panelists and attendees.

Degon also works with the nonprofit group Athletes For CARE by educating athletes on life after professional sports and the nutritional alternatives to help with injuries or ailments received at the professional level.

The USCC is a business-to-business event comprised of local, regional and national cannabis industry experts to network and learn.

“It’s important to educate the community on what cannabis life looks like. Knowing my background, people are often surprised to know that I am an advocate in the space,” said, Degon. “I believe in the benefits that cannabis products can offer in athletics and everyday life, and made it my mission to help raise awareness about the positives of hemp and endocannabinoid nutrition.”​

Degon, a veteran professional hockey player with a 10-year career, spoke at length about the negative connotation often associated with cannabis amongst professional leagues and speculated how his game and career may have been different if he had access to sustainable nutritional alternatives like cannabis and hemp products as a professional hockey player.​

Degon went on to discuss how injuries throughout his career were alleviated with prescription drugs, Cortisone shots and sleeping aids after games.​

Through the lens of a professional athlete, Degon deciphered to audience members the dangers of addictive prescription medications, as well as the benefits of sustainable and natural alternatives like cannabis.

Degon, with VEDA ECN is currently developing a sports line of ECN products geared toward athletes scheduled to launch this Fall.​

“My hope is that as the athletic community becomes more aware of the benefits of cannabis and hemp products, and athletes will use their voice to insist on more sustainable alternatives. As an athlete your body is your tool for success, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with chemically engineered, addictive substances, and replace them with sustainable natural alternatives,” said Degon.

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About VEDA:

VEDA was founded by a unique group of experts in agricultural science, chemistry, biology, healthcare, and finance. VEDA has been developed to address the overwhelming deficiency in Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN) that affects the health and well-being of individuals all over the world.

VEDA products are formulated to provide the highest bioavailability, the most effective delivery systems and to ensure customer accessibility and affordability. Driven by principles and quality, at VEDA we are dedicated to having a profound impact on humanity. We believe everyone should have access to quality ECN to enhance health.​

VEDA provides a variety of ECN products including; tincture, spray and vape. The VEDA Active line is set to launch Fall 2018.​

VEDA ECN is a subsidiary of Avant Garde Holdings Americas, Inc., dba AG Health, a research and development company of bio-pharmaceutical products, big data analytics, health information and disease management, drug formulations and commerce solutions for the U.S. cannabis and hemp industry.

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